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What’s The Face Of The Future? Professional Beauty Interviews Dr Marcells

Professional Beauty interviewed AAFPS President Dr George Marcells about cosmetic surgery trends to watch in 2014 and what can be expected this coming year. 2014 is expected to be an exciting year for the Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. Here are some of Dr Marcells’ thoughts about the future of cosmetic surgery.


What are some of 2014’s cosmetic surgery trends to watch?

We all want to look our best, but with cosmetic surgery it’s important not to look overdone. For people seeking cosmetic surgery in 2014, the focus will be on procedures that provide natural-looking results. Patients want to look youthful; they don’t want to look like they’ve had work done.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve noticed a trend towards such minimally invasive treatments as dermal filler injections. The results of these treatments tend to be temporary, trading permanence for ease. Expect to see evolving techniques emphasising long-term results and continuing refinement of cutting-edge surgical methods.


How will these developments be presented at the upcoming AAFPS Master Symposium?

The AAFPS Master Symposium conference will be held in Sydney from 19-20 September 2014. The Symposium will focus on blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery, and rejuvenation of the upper face. World-class surgical experts will share their insights and discuss innovations and developing surgical methods. The Symposium provides an opportunity for the detailed discussion and exchange of information between professionals that is so crucial to cosmetic surgery’s further development. The goal of this meeting is continuing to raise standards for patient satisfaction and safety.


What are some of the challenges facing the cosmetic surgery industry?

As President of the AAFPS, raising awareness of the Association and of recent advances in the world of facial plastic surgery is critical. This is my key objective. As a group, the AAFPS is committed to research, education, and leadership in the field of facial cosmetic procedures.

Though patients are increasingly turning to the internet to learn about cosmetic surgery, nothing can replace a face-to-face consult with a facial plastic surgeon. During this meeting expectations can be discussed and questions asked. We encourage people considering facial plastic surgery to meet with at least one surgeon to be sure they are fully informed about the procedure they wish to have.


What else can be expected at the Masters Symposium?

With this meeting’s emphasis on upper facial rejuvenation and blepharoplasty, we are bringing in keynote speakers including Robert Goldberg (USA) and Michael Groth (USA), Mario PelleCeravolo (Italy), Julian Pribaz (USA), Brian Leatherbarrow (USA), and Guy Massry (USA). I will be sharing information about the deep plane facelift procedure, and look forward to learning from colleagues from across the globe!


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