Anti Wrinkle Treatments

As we age, skin and other soft tissue of the face gradually loses flexibility and volume, giving way to fine lines, deep wrinkles, skin folds and dark shadows under the eyes. Loss of volume and fat can also give the face a bony or emaciated appearance,… Read more »

Chin Surgery

Chins play a key role in determining the aesthetics of the face. However, when people visit a surgeon, they mostly talk about their wrinkles, sagging skin, jowls, noses, ears and brows. They often fail to appreciate how important their chins play in cr… Read more »

Eyelid Surgery

Heavy droopy eyelids can make you look much older than you are. In some cases the droopiness becomes severe enough to impair vision. Puffiness or bags under the eyes may can leave you looking tired, even after a good night’s sleep. Eyelid surgery or bl… Read more »

Face Lift

Signs of ageing appear gradually. As you grow older you will see skin becoming looser on your face and neck and the youthful facial curves you once had become flatter. Crow’s feetappear at the corners of the eyes. Fine lines develop across the forehead… Read more »

Facial Scar Revision Surgery

Facial scars can be upsetting. They can have a negative impact on your self-esteem and confidence. Practically everyone is self-conscious about facial scars, regardless of how they came into being. Beyond aesthetics, some scars affect the functioning o… Read more »

Forehead Lift (Brow Lift)

Signs of ageing often appear on the brow and forehead before they become apparent elsewhere. As you age, the skin in these areas gradually loses its elasticity. The effects of gravity and exposure to sun and the elements begin to appear as lines betwee… Read more »


A neck lift addresses common concerns like ‘turkey wattle neck’, excess skin and excess fat beneath the chin and on the neck. The procedure gets its name, platysmaplasty, from the platysma muscles found on each side of the neck that extend from the cor… Read more »


Ear correction surgery or otoplasty is one of the few cosmetic surgical procedures permitted or recommended for children, because unusual ears can make a child a victim of bullying. Even in the absence of bullying, unusual ear shapes can make a child o… Read more »


The nose is a key defining characteristic of any face. The shape and size of the nose influences the face’s overall harmony, balance and proportions. Even a slight alteration in shape or size can greatly enhance overall facial appearance, just as a sli… Read more »

Dr. Mahyar Amjadi

Dr Amjadi brings over twenty years of training and experience to his practice. During this time, he has performed thousa..

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Dr. Edward Cleland

Dr Cleland MBBS PhD FRACS is a dual-trained Facial Plastic Surgeon and Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgeon (Ear Nose &..

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Dr. Bilski is a surgeon at the surgery Northern Rivers OMFS based in New South Wales.

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