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The Colour Me Beautiful Skin Diet

If you’re trying to achieve glowing skin from the inside out, you’re on the right track. Diet is an essential component of skin health. The challenge comes in sorting out the dizzying amount of conflicting information about the best foods to eat for beautiful skin.

You’re come to the right place. The knowledge buffet in this post will help you make smarter choices when selecting the food you eatto help your complexion look beautiful.  What’s exciting is that these same foods will make every meal you prepare beautiful, too.

The best foods for your skin are colourful, as well as delicious.

Dark Leafy Greens & Lutein for Beautiful Skin

Eating spinach and other richly dark leafy greens will load your body with a bonanza of skin-loving vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, without piling on a lot of calories! The lutein in leafy greens has been shown to slow ageing of the skin, maintain its elasticity and delay wrinkles.

Juice leafy greens every morning for a day full of energy, vitality, and skin health.

B is for Bright Berries, Broccoli & Beautiful Skin

Brilliant red strawberries and bright green broccoli may be miles apart on the colour wheel, but they’re kissing cousins when it comes to helping skin maintain a smooth, unwrinkled texture. Both these delicious foods are plentiful in vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential to the production of collagen, which is your skin’s support infrastructure.

Adding two one-cup servings of berries or citrus fruit to your dietevery day will help your skin stay radiant.

Seeing (and Eating) Reds for a Fresh Complexion

Nature’s bounty, in the form of dark orange sweet potatoes and deep red sweet peppers, is your body’s best source of vitamin A. Vitamin A regulates cell production and turnover, keeping the skin’s surface fresh and youthful.

All it takes is three 1-cup servings of eye-pleasing red and orange delicacies to give your skin a boost.

2 Treats Spell Unexpected Trouble for Beautiful Skin

There is a bounty of delicious skin-friendly food at your local supermarket, or better yet, your local fresh-from-the-farmer’s market. With all that variety to tempt you, you should have no trouble staying away from these two consumables with a reputation for being hard on skin:

  • Milk – The nourishing glass of milk you enjoyed as a child may contribute to acne when you reach your teens. Three new studies reported on at point to a connection between acne and milk consumption.
  • Spicy Foods – Long a “don’t” for Rosacea sufferers, spicy foods are also problematic for people with sun-damaged skin. The repeated flushing that occurs after you eat something spicy weakens your blood vessel walls until they become too impaired to function correctly.

Nothing Sweet to Say about Sugar and Skin Beauty

No discussion of skin health is complete without a look at sugar. A high-sugar diet not only contributes to ageing of the skin, but it can lead to the skin becoming unhealthy, dry, and vulnerable to infection.Cutting back on sugar is one of the kindest things you can do to your skin, if not to your sweet tooth.