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Men getting plastic surgery to boost their careers

Nine MSM interviewed Dr George Marcells and Dr Angelo Tsirbas about why more men are going under the knife.

According to The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery the number of men having plastic surgery are on the rise.  The most popular surgeries for men are liposuction, rhinoplasty, eye surgery, ear shaping and breast reduction.

Dr Marcells commented that a lot of his male clients have facelifts and nose jobs because they believe it will boost their careers.  He went on to say that ageing workers are looking for a ways to keep their edge with an increasing interest in facelifts.

Dr Tsirbas has had a 10%  increase of male patients over the last few years.  He said that a lot of his male patients are having upper eye surgery and bags removed to continue to advance up the corporate ladder.

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