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Carving Away at a Turkey Neck, No Knife Required

Like many visible signs of ageing, turkey neck is a problem shared by both everyday folk and the rich and famous:


Why would appearance-conscious A-listers fail to address such an obvious sign of facial ageing? No amount of money or fame makes dealing with turkey neck easy. This area of the skin is one of the most challenging when it comes to aesthetic enhancement.

“Treatments (are) less effective here, which is why you often see celebrities whose faces look younger thanks to surgery, but whose necks show their real age.”Dr. Rajiv Grover, President, British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

Is Surgery the Only Treatment for Turkey Neck?

Thanks to all kinds of revolutionary advancements in non-invasive cosmetic techniques, surgery is no longer the only option for people who want to keep their necks youthful and firm.It should be noted, that none are as effective as surgery for correcting neck skin that is severely sagging and wrinkled.

The surgical option to correct a turkey neck involves both a lower face and neck lift. The surgeon removes the hanging tissue directly under the skin, sculpts the fat in the neck, and tighten the muscles there, too.

The skill of the surgeon can minimise, but not completely eliminate the possibility of scarring. Additionally, facelift patients generally require two weeks to recover from their procedure before they are able to return to work and other normal activities.

Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery for Turkey Neck – Cosmetic Injections

In earlier cases of neck ageing, the sides of the neck can be softened and almost made invisible by expert injections of muscle relaxants. It can both shrink and smooth neck skin.  In one evolving procedure, 40 tiny injections of neurotoxins are made into the neck and lower jaw. This relaxes the platysma, a thin band of neck muscle that separates into the rope-like bands that cause turkey neck as we age. The effect is a firmer jaw and smoother neck.

Do-It-Yourself Preventive Medicine for Turkey Neck

  • Sleep on Your Back to Prevent Turkey Neck – Try sleeping on your back with your neck long and stretched out. It’s the best way to minimise the appearance of neck wrinkles
  • Don’t Dream without Your Cream – Cleanse and tone your neck in the morning.  In the evening, cleanse away the dirt of the day and then gently massage in a hydrating cream, using upward motions to boost circulation.
  • Forget the Two-Is-Better-Than-One Rule – If you’ve been elevating your head with two pillows, get rid of one. This will help minimise the angle between your face and your neck.
  • Silk Therapy – Cool, smooth silk won’t drag on your skin as you sleep, helping to prevent wrinkles from forming on your neck.
  • Sit-Up-Straight Like Your Mum Taught You – The tendency to hunch while working on a computer keyboard makes your neck look shorter and your waddle look waddle-ier. Sit up straight, with your spine elongated, shoulders relaxed and your head held high.
  • Do Your Exercises – Yoga enthusiasts swear that “the giraffe” is a pose that makes sagging neck skin more taught. Anecdotally, facial plasticsurgeons say that patients who do some kind of facing toning exercises do tend to have less neck sagging than those who do not.