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Trending: Giving Hands a Lift for Engagement Selfie

This social media phenomenon known as the selfie is having a surprising impact on consumer behaviour. The “selfie stick” was one of the hottest gifts for Christmas 2014 and according to some facial plastic surgeons, an uptick in their appointments is directly attributable to this selfie obsession.

The explosion of digital self-portraiture has led to an explosion of social media sites devoted to photographs. To enrich the experience, these sites give users tools to enhance their appearance, whether it’s hiding blemishes or modifying skin tone.Once they are able to see themselves looking radiant, they become curious as to what it would be like to “live the look” in real life.

Curiosity turns into enquiries, and people everywhere are consulting with facial plastic surgeons and aesthetic professionals for help with a new and distinctly 21st Century problem.

How can my hands look as youthful, and attractive as they do

in digitally enhanced pictures posted to Instagram?

The quest for perfection has recently expanded beyond the face, figure, and physique.  Eager to post Instagram “engagement selfies” with hashtags like #wereengaged and #saidyes, brides-to-be and their betrotheds became painfully aware of imperfections on their hands.

The engagement selfie craze isn’t limited to lovestruck teenagers. A flurry of stars, including Kim Kardashian, Teresa Palmer, Ashley Tisdale, and Singer Kelly Osbourne,

have also taken to Instagram, showing off their extravagant rings, beautifully manicured fingers and flawless skin,


5 Tips for Flawless Fingers & Engagement Selfies In 2015

As we age, the skin on our hands often loses fat, making them look thin and bony, with wrinkles and prominent veins. Surgical removal of excess skin on the hands is not recommended because of

  • Scarring
  • Poor healing
  • Risk of complications

Surgery is actually unnecessary, thanks to a variety of useful alternatives. One Manhattan-based plastic surgeon told The New York Times that he sees as many as eight patients a month specifically for hand treatments. Others are offering a comprehensive “hand lift” featuring

  • Fraxel laser – to remove diffuse wrinkling, eliminate fine lines and sun spots
  • Thermage – for skin tightening
  • Q-switched lasers – for pigment spots
  • Dermal filler injections – to restore lost volume

Show Off Cosmetic Enhancement Success on Top 5 Photo-Sharing Sites

If you haven’t yet begun posting photos on the Internet, a little cosmetic enhancement may provide just the boost your self-esteem needs to put yourself out there, professionally and personally. When you’re ready, here’s a quick list to get you started:

  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Zenfolio