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The Dangers of Seeking Your Favourite Celebrity’s Features Through Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has made it possible for patients to attempt a makeover to look like their favourite celebrity. Angelina Jolie’s lips, Beyonce’s backside, Brad Pitt’s jawline, and Natalie Portman’s cheeks are just a few of the requests surgeons have received as it becomes increasingly popular for patients to seek the coveted features of a famous celeb.

Without doubt, most celebrities look amazing. With their faces splashed across magazines, billboards, and the internet, it’s no surprise that patients have begun asking to look like them. It’s worth noting, of course, that many celebs have gone under the knife (and spent many thousands of dollars) to achieve their special look.

Despite the growing popularity of techniques designed to give patients the facial features of popular celebs, this is not an approach that the AAFPS condones. When patients bring in a celebrity photo to illustrate their goals for the procedure, it’s often a sign that their expectations are unrealistic.

Though a striking similarity may be achievable, it is impossible to entirely recreate another person’s appearance. Bone structure, proportions, and other unchangeable characteristics are all factors in defining the face. No surgeon, regardless of training and skills, can satisfy the quest for a celebrity’s face.

Some patients use a celebrity’s photo merely to show thesurgeon how they’d like to look. But others want to completely imitate the appearance of a celebrity they idolise. They bring in a celebrity’s photo to define an unattainable ideal of physical perfection. This unreasonable desire can be a sign of trouble. Surgeons find that patients with these desires are never satisfied, even after multiple successful surgeries.

While facial plastic surgeons try their best to give patients what they ask for, transforming your appearance into that of your favourite celebrity is not realistic. Cosmetic surgery is best used to enhance your natural appearance, not to make you look like an entirely different person.