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Terms and Conditions


The following outlines the terms and conditions in becoming a Member of the Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (AAFPS).

Acceptance of membership

Membership is subject to acceptance by the AAFPS Executive Committee.

Membership fees

Upon receipt of the Membership fee, you are registered as a Member of the AAFPS. New Members pay a one off sign up fee. Membership fees are payable in advance annually (financial year, June), with rates for the different types of membership approved by the AAFPS Executive Committee. No concession rebate is available.

For new members, if membership fee is paid on or before 31 January then the membership will be active for the current financial year only.

The AAFPS uses an automated payment system. AAFPS uses STRIPE as its payment management system. Once a new member selects payment method for their AAFPS online account, the relevant membership fee will be deducted each financial year, in June of any given year.

Changing membership details

Only the named Member or person authorised in writing by the named Member may request a change in membership details.

Cancellation of membership

A Member may cancel their membership at any time by providing either verbal or written notification to the AAFPS, provided both the person making the request and the membership concerned can be positively verified.

Refund policy

The AAFPS reserves the right to provide any refunds. Please note that payments including membership fees are non-refundable. Pro-rata refunds for membership are not available.

Security capabilities and policy for transmission of payment card details

All credit card transactions will be undertaken with best practice security. The AAFPS website does not capture or store credit card information. Payments will be processed using STRIPE system, which is a secure electronic payment gateway service.


Currency listed on the AAFPS website and currency of transaction is in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST.

Lapsing of membership

Any Member whose fee is overdue for more than one (1) year will cease to be a member of the AAFPS and will not be entitled to access any benefits and entitlements of membership.

If a Member renews their membership within two (2) months of lapsing, the old membership will be re-issued, with no sign up fee applied. If the membership is renewed after two (2) months of lapsing, a new membership will be issued, which will require sign up fee.

Membership verification

All Members have a unique membership user and email address. In circumstances where you are unable to remember your membership user and email address please contact the Membership Office on 1300 653 070 or Details will be provided once the identification of the person is positively verified.

Voting rights

All financial Members have the right to vote in Board Elections and at the Annual General meeting of the AAFPS.

Personal information use and disclosure

The AAFPS complies with all relevant Commonwealth and State legislation governing its operations.