A Message from the President

I have been a member of the Australian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (AAFPS) since 1994. It is an honour and a great privilege to be appointed as its President.

Facial plastic surgery is a highly competitive and fast evolving field. Collective knowledge is being constantly enriched by the work of researchers and practitioners from across the world. New methods, better techniques and updated technologies blend together with a growing understanding of facial structures, enabling us to deliver high quality, safe outcomes for our patients. Just keeping up with important developments in our respective fields requires a tremendous commitment to excellence and a quest for new knowledge.

For us to provide better outcomes, we need patients who are willing to keep moving forward, embracing new and better methods and technology. Fostering patient awareness and education, as well as providing inputs to help policymakers create safe and effective public policies, are all-important areas in our Academy’s mission.

From its inception the Academy has stressed the need for sharing knowledge across specialties. We believe that doing so is a great means of informing and advancing medical knowledge. Our members represent a wide array of professionals, including otolaryngologists, head and neck surgeons, ophthalmologists, general plastic surgeons, oral and facio-maxillary surgeons. There are new members among us, as well as members with vast local and overseas experience.  We can learn from one another. In my tenure as President of the Academy, I commit to further knowledge sharing and cross-fertilization of ideas through collaboration to the best of my ability. I believe that the more we share, the better we all become in our respective fields. And in a world that increasingly values collaborations across professions, all our members will be able to enhance our collective knowledge base by striking up collaborative knowledge sharing and research activities.

The AAFPS was a founding member of the International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies (IFFPSS). From personal experience I know how much I have benefited, and how much my knowledge, skills and expertise has been honed through interactions with others in the global community of facial plastic surgeons. Involvement with IFFPSS has helped foster many professional collaborations and research opportunities for our members. Let us look at how we can leverage these connections for the benefit of our members and for our counterparts across the world. The end result will be better and higher quality outcomes for our patients.

Dr George Marcells

Dr. Jamie Ryan

Dr. Ryan is a surgeon at the surgery Fernbrae Clinic based in NZ.

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Dr. Chris Oosthuizen

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Dr. Andrew Bridger

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