Facial Plastic Surgeons: Sharpen Your Skills at Symposiums

Facial Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular around the world. As a developing field, continuing education is especially important. It is crucial for doctors and surgeons to be fully knowledgeable about the latest developments in the field, including patient care and the newest surgical techniques.

Symposia like the upcoming American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) conference give surgeons an opportunity to network with colleagues from around the world and learn about techniques being developed abroad from some of the world’s foremost surgical experts.

At the AAFPRS Symposium to be held in New York this May, surgeons and others in the medical field will take part in a variety of educational events. This 50th Anniversary conference focuses on the past, present, and future of the field. The theme, A Family Forever Young, invites reflection on the history of plastic surgery as well as its newest developments.

What exactly do surgeons discuss at these sessions? Innovative techniques like computer imaging technology, the latest injectable dermal fillers, and liposculpture are just some of the advancements surgeons can learn about at professional conferences. They’ll also hear about new research in patient comfort, post-surgical care, and other aspects of cosmetic treatment.

The demand for cosmetic procedures is rising, and new technologies are being developed at a rapid pace. Medical conferences and symposia provide surgeons and other medical professionals tools they need to provide optimal results for their patients. To maintain board certification, facial plastic surgeons are expected to attend these learning opportunities as part of their continuing education.

Dr. John Chaplin

Dr. Chaplin is a surgeon at the surgery Gillies Hospital & Clinics based in NZ.

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Dr. Jamie Ryan

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