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Why More People Than Ever Are Having Facial Plastic Surgery

Australia isn’t the U.K. or the U.S., but these countries can be a good litmus test for what’s happening in the world of cosmetic enhancement. That’s why we thought you might enjoy knowing what’s happening in the northern hemisphere, where the business of being beautiful is booming. In its annual “state of the state” of… Read more »

The Nose – Potential Fashion Victim

With so many noses on so many faces, is it possible to say which nose is ideal? Not in any permanent sense, certainly. When it comes to noses, what’s in today can be out tomorrow. So think twice about saying to a surgeon, “I want a rhinoplasty to make me look like X (insert name… Read more »

Do You Want the Ideal Face Shape?

Is there any such thing as an ideal face shape? On the yes side, there is the support of both classical ideas and modern research. In these arenas, beauty is defined by mathematics and symmetry. Humans seem to have an innate understanding that balance is beautiful. The Golden Ratio of Facial Beauty In Ancient Greece,… Read more »

Chasing Beauty in New York and Geneva

In just a few weeks, the AAFPS will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a five-day celebration during our 11th International Symposium in New York City.We are all looking forward to a superb event. We wish everyone could join us for the Symposium, but realise the venue may simply be too far away.For those of you… Read more »

Stem Cell Facelifts – Not Ready for Primetime

Stem cells have revolutionised medicine, allowing doctors to generate tissue to help heal conditions from heart disease to spinal cord injury. For increasingly popular aesthetic treatments like the stem cell facelift, the source of these stem cells is normally adipose tissue, otherwise known as fat. But is it really stem cells that are being harvested?… Read more »

Dr. Arthur G Bilski

Dr. Bilski is a surgeon based in New South Wales.

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Dr. Archie Lamb

Dr Archie Lamb graduated in medicine at Glasgow University, Scotland and completed his ophthalmic training in Brisbane w..

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Dr. Daniel Lanzer

Australia's Leading Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Lanzer is an Australian expert with over 25 years' experience in Cosmetic Surger..

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Dr. Philip Jumeau

Mr Philip Jumeau MBBS (Hons) FRACS is an Australian trained and qualified Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), Head and Neck Surg..

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